200AMP Water Cooled Sealed Alternator - Rapid Power




Looking for an Alternator upgrade? Then look no further... the aussie made Rapid Power 200 Amp Water Cooler Sealed Alternator for 79 Series is the ducks nuts.

The RP1BTWC-14/200 alternator is designed for prolonged service in extremely dusty, wet and corrosive environments. The components are completely sealed in IP68 rated housings and is water-cooled by connection to the engine coolant system. The alternator housings are CNC machines from billet 6061 aluminium. 

The unit mounts directly on to the O/E engine brackets and uses the O/E drive belt. The alternator coolant circuit is connected to the O/E cabin heater circuit. No other modifications of the engine coolant system are required. 

The alternator is connected to the battery via a continuous cable that exits the alternator via an IP68 gland. This electrical connection arrangement eliminates any electrolysis at the alternator. 

The RP1BTWC-14/200 alternator resolves the existing problems that arise from using the O/E Toyota alternator in severe mining duty conditions.

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